The Hanxin Computer Chips Scandal in China (1)

Now it's official, the Hanxin computer chips (Hanxin I to Hanxin IV) are found to be fake. Chen Jin, dean of the Micro-electronics School of Shanghai Jiaotong University, also the leading scientist of this state-funded chip research project, was removed from his post.

Background reports could be found from Xinhua and NY Times.

No wonder Chen Jin himself is a liar, but what roles the other parties played in this scandal?

The government: The Chinese central government vowed for the protection of the intellectual property rights, which I have no doubt on, this is the way it should be and the best way for China itself. But some of the government officials may have a different view of this issue. My feeling is that some officials cared more about how to score some political point from this than what's really going on in this project. The government held a press conference to show Hanxin 1 which claimed to have "totally independent intellectual property rights". The Ministry of Science and Technology held another press conference showing Hanxin 2 and Hanxin 3 and Chen Jin was imaged like a hero.But the good thing is the government is brave enough now to slap itself. Or is it because the Prime Minister Wen Jiaobao had also been cheated and even paid a visit to Chen's lab?

The University: If Chen Jin could bring the University fund and fame, they don't care anything else. Simple like that.

The government appraisal teams: They claimed they tested Chen Jin's chips and the chips did what they said. Now not a signal one of those professors and scientist in the appraisal team can stand up and response to people's question.

The insider and the media: Hats off to them. It's the insider and the media first brought this scandal to people's attention, and their continuous efforts made the official investigation possible. They are the real hero.

Now, are you curious about how Chen Jin faked the Hanxin chips? Don't be shocked, according to the insider and the media, Chen Jin bought some Motorola chips and used the sandpaper removed the Motorola logo and marked his own logo on it.

That's it, Simple like that.


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